Official hostel for Exchange Students

Accommodation Regulations of Academic Hostel
Endla 4

Endla 4 hostel (hereinafter: Hostel), located at Endla 4, Tallinn, is open 24/7. The administrator of Endla 4 works during workdays from 08:00 until 17:00 and is located on the 1st floor of the building. Security company’s number is +372 1660.
The main building of the Academic Hostel is located at Akadeemia tee 11/1, Tallinn. Phone number of the receptionist is +372 620 22 75, email: Reception in Akadeemia 11/1 is open 24/7.

2.1 Present Accommodation Regulations (hereinafter: Regulations) are mandatory to comply with to all Parties who have signed an accommodation agreement with Academic Hostel.
2.2 Regulations determine and regulate the relations between the User and the Hostel and outline the rules for the User to follow.
2.3 Regulations shall enter into force on 1st of January 2015 and shall be valid until new regulations are released. The Hostel has the right to make corrections and additions to the Regulations, publishing them immediately after confirmation.

3.1 The front door of Endla 4 is locked between 18:00 and 06:00. During this period you must use your entrance card to enter the building.
3.2 When exiting the room and corridor, please be sure to lock the doors. In case of losing the key or entrance card you have to pay a fine in amount of 10 EUR.
3.3 All visitors must be registered by the receptionist of Academic Hostel via email You can have visitors between 07:00 until 22:00 on the condition that it doesn’t disturb other residents. You are responsible for the actions of your visitors.
3.4 The property of the Hostel has to be used prudently and you are expected these regulations at all times. The User must make sure to lock all the doors that were locked before opening. When damaging the property the guilty party is not found, the whole floor will be held responsible. When violating these rules, the User has to pay a fine of 30 EUR.
3.5 In an event of damaging any property of the Hostel or Endla 4, residents are required to compensate for the damage caused in full.
3.6 The Dwelling Space has one (1) blanket, one (1) pillow, one (1) set of bed linen and one (1) towel. Any additional blankets or pillows have to be bought by the User.
3.7 Invoices must be paid no later than the 25th day of each month.
3.8 You have to inform the receptionists about your checking out date in written form in accordance with the Agreement.
3.9 You are expected to pay for the whole accommodation period, including times when you are not in the Hostel but your belongings are still in the room and you have not ended your agreement with written form.

4.1 Weakly cleaning takes place of Thursdays and Fridays.
4.2 Cleaning starts at 10:00 and lasts approximately until 14:00.
4.3 Please remove all personal belongings from the kitchen, living room and shower floors/bed for the cleaning time. Please do not keep any personal hygiene products and clothes in the shower rooms.
4.4 You are expected to vacant the room during the cleaning time. If you do not vacant the room or let the cleaning ladies in (e.g. you have locked the door, sleeping), cleaning will be postponed for a week. When the cleaning is postponed for two (2) times, the User has to pay a fine of 30 EUR.
4.5 Residents have to maintain cleanliness of the property given to them. If you make the public premises dirty, you have to clean it up yourself or if you refuse to clean, pay a fine of 30 EUR.

5.1 The User has to take out the trash regularly. Trash containers are located behind Endla 4 building and you can access them with your entrance card. Please contact the receptionist for additional information. It is not allowed to leave your trash in the corridors or near the stairs. If this rule is not followed, the User shall pay a fine of 30 EUR.
5.2 Communal kitchen has trash containers only for trash made during cooking. Please do not collect personal trash there.
5.3 It is not allowed to collect empty bottles/cans in the Hostel’s rooms. All bottles must be taken into collection containers.

6.1 Smoking is prohibited in Endla 4 premises. Smoking is allowed only outside of the building, e.g. the courtyard that you can access with your entrance card. If this rule is not followed, the User shall pay a fine of 30 EUR.
6.2 Disrupting, breaking or otherwise damaging the fire detectors is strictly prohibited. If this rule is not followed, the User shall pay a fine of 30 EUR.
6.3 Please be careful when cooking. If the smoke reaches the corridor, it will set off the fire alarm.

Endla 4 has silent hours from 22:00 until 07:00. During that time any kind of activity that might disturb other people is forbidden. If this rule is violated, the Hostel has the right to end the agreement unilaterally.

8.1 When terminating the Agreement, the User has to notify the receptionist at least three (3) weeks in advance.
8.2 Before the end of the Agreement, the User has to liquidate all debts and obligations towards the Hostel.
8.3 At the end of the Agreement, the User can checkout 24/7 when notifying the receptionist about this in advance via phone or email. Keys and entrance card shall be left on the table inside the room and door closed properly.

If you have any questions about the Academic Hostel or if you need help making the reservation do not hesitate to contact us by using the contact information given below.