Exchange Students

Accommodation for exchange students of Tallinn University of Technology 

Academic Hostel team is glad to welcome you!
We offer accommodation for exchange students in two different locations – close to the university at Akadeemia tee 11/1 and in the city center at Endla 4. You can choose either of the buildings to be your home in Estonia:

Academic Hostel at Akadeemia tee 11/1 

Akadeemia tee 11/1 is our legendary Erasmus-home. It is open 24/7 and there is always a receptionist. Therefore, there is no need to worry if your flight is either really early in the morning or very late in the night.
Akadeemia tee 11/1 will be functioning as head-quarters in accommodation issues for all Erasmus students we offer accommodation to. That means also for students who will be staying at Endla 4.

Academic Hostel at Endla 4 

In February 2013, we opened a new students accommodation at Endla 4. There are in total 67 places and rooms are all newly renovated and furnished. The majority of the rooms are twin rooms (two people in a room). There are also five single rooms, so be fast if you prefer that option.

Some general remarks for both houses:

  • You shall pay the rent on night-bases. This means that by the end of every month, we will calculate your rent depending on how many nights you have stayed with us. First month, therefore (probably January) you will not pay for the whole month but starting from the arrival date. You are required to pay the rent every month.
  • Kitchenware is also provided by us. In Akadeemia tee 11, there might be less of the equipment, whereas in Endla 4 everything is freshly purchased just for you.
  • Every room has Internet connection. Although Wifi option is available, we strongly advise using cable for better quality as there are many users. We kindly ask the user to buy their own cable.

To see the prices and deposit information please log in >> HERE
Passwords are provided by Incoming Exchange Students Manager at the beginning of the semester.

On the same page you can also find the namelist of the people whose accommodation has already been confirmed.

If you should have any further questions about accommodation in our hostel, please do not hesitate to contact us: via e-mail or by phone +372 620 2275